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The information contained in the Metalegal Advocates (“Metalegal”) website has been published only for informational purposes and does not constitute legal advice or opinion on any subject matter or topic covered or referred to therein. 

The reader or user or recipient of the information or content from this website, should not act on the basis of any information or content presented on the website without obtaining appropriate legal advice from an advocate licensed to practice in India or otherwise. The information and content on this website contains insights, updates, summaries of judgments, and other articles on various legal topics and subject matter, and may not reflect the updated or accurate legal position on such subject matter. Metalegal disclaims all liabilities arising out of actions taken or not taken based on any information or content on this website. 

Any communication sent to Metalegal through this website may not be secure and is therefore to be done only on a non-confidential basis. The website is hosted through third-party service providers and the servers and other hardware or software being used for the purpose of rendering this website to the user are not controlled or managed by Metalegal. Metalegal disclaims all liabilities arising out of the usage of this website and any of the hardware or software involved in hosting this website. 

The use of this website by any person, within or outside India, would not by itself constitute or create any attorney-client relationship between Metalegal and / or any of its advocates and such person. 

Metalegal does not endorse the accuracy and correctness of any third party information or content accessed through this website by any user. 

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